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Physics Question? Waves and Sound?

Part 1/2

The range of human hearing extends from

approximately 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. Find the wavelength for 47.5 Hz at a temperature

of 30.3 ◦C. Assume the velocity of

sound at 0◦C is 331 m/s. Answer in units of m. ANSWER= 7.35 m

Part 2/2

Find the wavelength for 1040 Hz at a temperature of 30.3 ◦C. Answer in units of cm. ????????? Please help

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  • 4 years ago
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    It depends which method you are meant to use to find speed. Different methods give slightly different answers (some are more accurate than others).

    Here are 2 ways:


    Method 1: the speed is proportional to the absolute temperature:

    0°C = 273.15K

    30.3° = 273.15 + 30.3 = 303.45K

    Using proportionality: v = 331 x √(303.45/273.15) = 348.88m/s

    v = λf

    λ = v/f = 348.88/47.5 = 7.34m (close to your required answer)


    Method 2. Use the fact that the speed of sound increases by approximately 0.6m/s for each 1°C temperature rise:

    Temperature rise = 30.3 - 0 = 30.2°C

    New speed = 331 + 30.2x0.6 = 349.12m/s

    λ = v/f = 349.12/47.5 = 7.35m (same as your required answer)

    So I guess the second method is the one they want.


    For part b), the temperature and speeds are the seams as part a) so:

    λ = v/f = 349.12/1040 = 0.336m = 33.6cm

  • 4 years ago

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