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If I buy iphone,can i resume games played in android,using profile at google play games?

I want to buy an iphone, never used one because I always used android. But I have a games that I have been working on for so much time. I dont want to lose the profile and I dont want to start over. Can I resume it in ios from android. I know that in ios you can use google service but how about google play games.I want to buy iphone 5s.this is my first iphone but i dont buy yet.

1 Answer

  • Alicia
    Lv 5
    4 years ago

    Generally no, you can't. whatever you buy on one, you will have to re-buy on another.

    There are exceptions. There are a number of games (Dragonsoul being one) where you're connected through Facebook and as such whatever things you bought on one will be transferred to the other.

    But those games are few and far between.

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