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Wouldn't this work a lot better than our present public education system?

1. Give the parents the choice of where they want to send their kids. That way they can pull them out of bad schools and put them in good schools

2. Adopt the system that Germany has or had:

In Germany there is/was no high school systems. One prepared you for college and in order to get into that one your grades and test scores had to be a a certain level. The other for those who could not get into the first one is/was where you spent a half day in school and half a day working as an apprentice

1 Answer

  • 4 years ago

    When young and living in Dayton, Ohio they had an optional Cooperative High School that drew students from all High Schools city wide. Those who did not intend to go to college could, after being accepted to that High School, go to High School for two weeks and then worked at a job for two weeks where they were paid a wage and worked in the field they were studying. It was a very successful program but it was later discontinued.

    Why? I have received no explanation for Why.

    My brother attended there and learned to be a Design Technician and Draftsman. He readily found full time employment after graduating because he had a proven work record and an established reputation.

    Many employers liked and supported that system.

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