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Rj asked in HealthOptical · 4 years ago

My mom and dad have horrible vision with out glasses and my sister to but im ten and i have almost perfect vision how is this possible?

By the way i got this idea from this video

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  • 4 years ago
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    Usually being nearsighted or farsighted is caused by the eye being slightly out of shape so that the point where the image focuses from the lenses is not exactly where it is supposed to be. Because there are two genes that control the eyes shape (one from mom and one from dad) is it possible that each parent has one "good" gene and one "bad"gene. You got lucky in that you apparently got a "good"gene from each of your parents - or one good geneand one bad gene, but the good one was stronger.

    You stated that you are only 10. Meaning your eyes have not gone through the growth spurt that comes with puberty. As you go into your teens your eyes may well change and you could end up needed glasses at that point. (Or you may get lucky and the frow at the right speed to retain their shape.

    You may want to ask your parents if they had to wear glasses before they were teens. That may indicate what you can expect over the next five years.

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    4 years ago

    Wait! You are not home free yet.

    When you enter adolescence your whole body grows including your head and eyes. I didn't need glasses until I was 14. What happens with your eyes is that the shape of the eyes can change and the point where they focus is no longer at the retina. This is a very gradual change and others may recognize that you are having trouble before you do. Glasses or contacts change this and usually give you the perfect vision that you used to have.

  • Ti
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    4 years ago

    One of two things happened.

    1. You inherited some good genes from your grandparents. Sometimes genes skip a generation, or two.

    or, 2. You were adopted.

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