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Whats better to keep plugged into a powered USB hub, an SSD or MyPassport external hard drive?

i don't have enough USB slots on my mac, so either my SSD or my MyPassport has to be plugged into a powered USB hub.

I need to run large sample libraries off them for music production and they will be put to strenuous use.

I know neither are really supposed to be plugged into a USB hub but i don't have a choice, so which is less likely to break when being plugged into the hub?

3 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    From your question it sounds like you have 2 available USB slots and you need to plug a hub with numerous devices into one and what to put on the other.

    How fast are the hub ports versus the computer USB ports?

    If the hub is USB 2, but the computer is USB 3, the hub will slow everything on it down to USB 2 speeds. In that case, the SSD should be on its own USB 3 port to take better advantage of its speed.

    If the computer has USB 2 ports, then it really won't matter as all devices will connect via USB 2 speeds. The same applies if the computer has USB 3 ports and the hub is also USB 3. All devices will then operate at USB 3 if they are capable.

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    4 years ago

    ext hdd

  • 4 years ago

    If the Mac has firewire or a Cardbus/Expresscard slot, get a firewire external drive and/or a plug-in card with extra USB3 ports to use for drives.

    Sharing over a single USB cripples the speed as you are putting a weak link in line with the connection. Firewire is much faster than USB2 and USB3 faster still.

    And even it one or both drives are USB2, the extra connections allow each drive to be accessed simultaneously without them fighting for bandwidth over a shared link.

    (Or if its a Mac Pro, you can add PCI cards with USB3 ports - or extra SATA ports & drives giving the maximum possible speed to/from them.)

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