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Is it considered blackwashing or blackface when a black actor plays a white character like with the honeymooners?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    White chicks and Tropic Thunder did this...2 very hideously turd movies.Its patronising more than racist,but it shouldn't be done none the less.

  • 4 years ago

    No. Because a story like "The Honeymooners" really do not depend on the race of the couples in the story. If you have a story like "Deathnote" where the plot revolves around Japanese death gods (shingami) and the alias of the main character is "Kira" (because that is literally a Japanese pronunciation of the English word "killer"), and that this character goes to "cram school" which is distinctly Japanese where someone who be expected to be both exceptionally bright as well as under a lot of pressure, etc.etc. Then take a look at the number of Asians or Blacks or Latins cast in roles that don't specifically call for a minority, and then when a good interesting minority role DOES come up, they cast white actors anyway. Give Willem Dafoe a pass since he is doing a voice acting role where he doesn't appear on camera since his character is CGI.

    You also don't understand the origin and meaning of "blackface". Blackface does not mean a black person taking a "white role", but the opposite. White performers would literally paint their faces black and big lips and then do "comic"routines and songs based on negative racial stereotypes. (Google "minstrel shows"). Real black performers sometimes had to paint their faces in the same way and do the same stereotyped routines to be on stage!

    Look, black actors are not really taking work away from white ones. They are trying to find ways to play characters beyond pimps, drug dealers, and slaves.

  • 4 years ago

    No just them trying to be racially diverse and not realising they can't just do that all the time, even though I heavily support racially diverse films

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