Installing Windows 10 from old hard drive to new SSD.?

I received a Samsung SSD as a gift and wanted to use it as my primary drive for my OS and applications. I'm currently running Windows 10 (Upgraded free from Windows 7). I want to do a clean install of Windows 10 on the new SSD. How can I do this since I don't have the Windows 10 install Disc/Key?

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  • 3 years ago
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    It's easy. All you need is the media creation tool. Here is the Microsoft link for it

    Scroll down to the second (+) [using the tool to create installation media] and click that one for the actual instructions. You just need to download the media creation tool (that button link is at the top of the page) onto the installation media of your choice (USB, DVD, etc)and then install it. The actual instructions of how to install it once you get it downloaded are at the (+) that follows steps 6 [using the installation media you created].

    The whole process is very easy. This is how anybody would reinstall Win 10 on either the same hard drive OR a new hard drive.

  • 3 years ago

    Use the windows 10 media creation tool to make a USB installer now turn off pc find a slot for the SSD install it then turn on the PC go straight into bios I'm assuming you know how first find the old hard drive and disable it as a boot device! Save and prepare to exit.

    Now I assume you know how to bring up the boot menu as soon as you exit f12 f10 or esc on some! Get into the boot menu and look for the USB stick that you made you can't plug it in now if you forgot shutdown plug it in and go back to the boot menu .

    Select the USB with the up down arrows hit enter windows 10 installer starts let it load click custom install and find the SSD delete any partitions on it! Now click install Windows will create the needed partitions and install.

    After it's all installed it will load then connect to the internet and let it auto activate skip entering the key ! After your all done you can access the other drive and grab your files then format the drive for storage

  • 3 years ago

    With a USB drive created using Windows media creator.

  • 3 years ago

    Download the Windows media creator and create a bootable USB drive.

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  • paul
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    3 years ago

    to start with , the key not a worry as windows 10 is digitally signed, the key stored in bios so when switch drives over it will activate, you can for peace of mind download belarc advisor and write your windows license and other serials wanted. Now search windows media creation tool and either use a usb flash drive to install to that or select iso for a different pc , not the upgrade this pc now option. Make sure correct windows 10 ie home or pro! If iso and for usb use rufus to burn it or disk burn using your choice such as img burn. after done this boot into bios and turn off antitheft and save, power off. Switch the hdd for ssd. On boot tap f12 to select boot device , if does not do so, reboot tapping f2 and set and lock the boot order from media ( optical ) usb for example. Follow the prompts and enjoy a faster pc

  • David
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    3 years ago

    you can create a USB installer from Windows media creator and a blank 4GB USB

    They key is not needed the activation details are stored on Microsoft servers. Once you connect to the internet the system will activate automatically.

  • keerok
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    3 years ago

    Reinstall from scratch.

  • 3 years ago

    u can find ur key

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