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Will Phentermine 15 mg help me lose weight even with hypothyroidism?

I just got phentermine 15 mg prescribed to me. Losing weight is bery difficult due to my hypothyroidism.

I just wanted to learn more about it, like how long it would take. If its actually going to work? Anything i need to be cautious about and just in general other peoples stories and experience with this medication.

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    If you have underactive thyroid you will then be taking thyroid medication which helps weight loss if you stick to healthy eating and exercise which you also have to follow taking Phen, Phen can only be taken for a few weeks as it has a lot of side effects and you cannot drink alcohol while taking it. I also have hypothyroidism and take 75mcg of levothyroxine every day and also type 2 diabetic but when I stick to healthy eating and basic exercise I lost 28lbs, Good Luck

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    Cyanide will

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    im not a doctor

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