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Is YouTube listening to my conversations?

The other day me and my dad were watching Ip Man 3 and we talked about the one-inch punch afterwards. Then the next morning YouTube recommends me a video of Bruce Lee giving a demonstration of how the one-inch punch works. I never look up anything martial arts related at all on Google or on YouTube. I usually only watch videos on politics and finances. Another time I was talking about how one of my family members looked like a specific actor, then YouTube recommended me a video of the actor on a podcast a few hours later. Once again, I never looked up anything related to the actor at all. So is this just a coincidence or is it possible that my IPhone/YouTube is listening to me in order to "enhance my experience".

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    YouTube is Google, that's one thing you must know, and I wouldn't bet against IT companies sharing information. That includes Yahoo, Verizon, and some others.

    I like some of the new features on YouTube, the really refined their recommendations. But when I'm watching with a good friend of mine, I use the "private" function in firefox, because we don't share the same taste of music, and I want to keep my recommendations list as it is.

    You can always clear all your cookies in your browser, so youtube will start anew, but I wouldn't recommend that, as their "trending", "most popular", and "being watched now" videos usually are teenage crap noone really want to see. Hey, they know I'm a German male, how come they think I'm interested in American football or the nicest lipstick color a girl can have?

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