Cute, Southern rhyming twin names?

For both genders! I like it when the middle names rhyme, for example Annie Lou and Mary Sue

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    3 years ago
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    Molly Belle & Remi Elle (GG)

    Emmy Jo & Danny Beau (GB)

    Jackson Ronnie & Kieran Johnnie (BB)

    Luca Steve & Braydon Reeve (BB)

    Hayes Reagan & Bailey Megan (BG)

    Georgia Miley & Eric Riley (GB)

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    Penny Lane & Mary Jane (this would be epic)

    Stella Faye & Hattie Mae

    Olive Mia & Ginny Leah

    Ava Lillie & Alice Millie

    Luke Justin & Jack Dustin

    Jordan Gus & Tyler Russ

    Levi Devin & Madden Kevin

    Gannon Rhett & Holden Brett

    Bentley Troy & Hayden Joy

    Logan Cody & Kaylen Jodie

    Cole Bradley & Sage Hadley

    Alexander Ben & Olivia Jen "Alex & Livi"

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    3 years ago

    Cletus Ringworm and Letus Stingworm

    Looly Syphilis and Booly Sperm-dumpster-phillis.

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