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College and GED?

A little less than a year ago I had to drop out of highschool due to family issues. Those issues are cleared up now, and while I wish I wouldn't have had to drop out, it was something that absolutely had to happen with my given situation. Now I still want to work towards college and getting my GED, but I don't know much about it yet. I just turned 17 and I wanted to know how many times I can try for my GED, how often I can try for my GED, and how soon after getting it I can start looking for colleges that accept GED's. So if anyone could give me some information on all that, that would be great. I'm obviously doing my own research too but I want to get as many answers possible through as many sources possible. And I live in Ohio if that makes any difference.

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    Go to the Ohio Department of Education web site for GED info. You can also go to your public library and ask a reseach librarian for info on the GED.

    Plenty of colleges accept a GED to apply. That information would be on any University' s web site. or a large bookstore would have GED study guide books.

    Community colleges usually offer GED classes. Once you have your GED you can always start off taking college classes at the CC, then transfer to a university

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    Others have told you correctly that the way to get started is to talk to a GED expert at a public library or community college. The only additional thing you need to know is that you must avoid getting scammed by fake websites which promise you a GED at your computer. You cannot get a real GED at home. You must take the test in person at a recognized testing center. If you rely on local information from expert sources, you'll be safe, and you won't be wasting any time or money.

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