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How are schools in the Middle East different from schools in the United States?

I'm not looking for an essay. Just some points.

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    United States:

    • Almost equal opportunity and equal wages both for men and women

    • Almost equal opportunity both for men and women

    Middle East:

    • Increased proportion of females going into labor force

    • Gap between male and female (gender roles)

    • Effect higher education for female in employment (e.g. Saudi Arabia)

    • Increased proportion of females getting into school

    Something different is while both the Middle East and the United States stress the importance of a proper education, the traditional purpose of education is not the same. In the Middle East, people go to school because they need to learn about their religion and culture, and it is expected knowledge of everyday life. In the United States, people go to school because they need to go to college, and have the ability to make a living off of whatever job they end up with (based on their performance in school).

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    Learn how to do simple research. Apparently that's something the schools in your country don't teach.

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