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Nixon's counsel John Dean said that the Trump White House looks like the Nixon White House "in cover-up mode" (re Russian cnx). Troubling?

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    There are a lot of people making the same comparison and Crazy Donald has only been in office for eight weeks. Donald spent one whole week--actually four days and 5 hours -- developing Trumpcare. Imagine, the healthcare of over a billion people created in just four days and 5 hours.

    The Trump-Russian scandal will be larger than Watergate. It will probably last a year or more because it involves his staff and members of his cabinet. It will cost billions of dollars all because of James Comey who will now be doing the investigating.

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    So if Russians wanted to lower my taxes, secure borders, prevent terrorism, and appeal Obamacare, since many people, like myself, got our insurance premiums doubled with crappier care, then I guess if there even was a Russian connection, I am not troubled by this at all. In fact, thanks Russia, for looking out for us, assuming there is even a grain of truth to any of this bull crap made up left wing propaganda.

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    No, he's a qualified expert.

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    the sources of all this are troubling.

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    Not at all, if he had said the opposite then he wouldn't have received any coverage. When Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame says that Trump is worse than Nixon then it is obvious that people aren't looking at things objectively, comparing Trump's months in office with Nixon's years in office.

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    Stop watching MSNBC.

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    whats troubling to me is that any idiot liberal would attempt to judge a political party nationally based on the conclusions of one (1) man. clearly I can see why that idiot Obama got elected.

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