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Progressive Democrats, is "collusion" in the eye of the beholder?


U.S. Reducing Nuclear Weapons: Air Force Deployed Missiles Drop to ...

4 hours ago - The Air Force's intercontinental ballistic missile force will reduce its nuclear missiles from 450 to 400, the first reduction in a decade, by April.



Obama tells Russian PM "After Election I Have More Flexibilty" 3/26 ...

Video for Obama caught on hot mike in 2012 telling Russia he will have more leeway after election▶ 0:31

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Mar 26, 2012 - Uploaded by theworldweliveintv

President Obama was caught on a hot mic telling outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that if ...

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    arms reduction is not what it may seem. take a nuclear weapon, from the time it is made it decays rapidly and after about 10 years it is too unreliable to use in warfare. so a lot of the arms 'reduction' is simply a cut back in arms 'replacement'. so every 10% of reduction means about 1 year of no new nuclear arms production. the agreements have great political value but it does not mean that any usable weapons are actually decommissioned.

    as to collusion, in the 2012 election cycle that you refer too, you will see a lot of GOP praise for V. Putin. They held up the Russian dictator as the kind of strong man leader they wanted for America. Putin does not ignore our newspapers even if Trump does. As Comey says, the Russians hated Secretary Clinton and they knew where they would be welcome, making collusion a natural outcome. Comey says both parties were hacked, but only emails of the Democrats were released by the Kremlin. one could only assume the GOP documents were held in reserve for purposes of blackmail of the Trump government.

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    Democrats aren't in power, or are you recycling-facts as a nice variation to fake-news.

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