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What are the best ways to get funding for comic book creators/writers/artists?

Hi. I am an aspiring comic book creator/writer/artist and I am interested in seeking funding. I know for a fact that the Xeric Foundation USED to award grants for comic book creators and they did for many years until 2012:

Zuda Comics used to hold a competition open in which comic creators could submit 8-page submissions and the winner would get a contract to submit their web comics through Zuda:

I was trying to find info on any cash awards one could win from the competition or how much the winner would get after getting a contract with Zuda but I couldn't find anything.

Many folks use crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for their comics, like Kickstarter. There are comics-related contests and competitions like this one:

But this one ended 3 years ago.

There's comic script contests, like:

There are comics-related grants and awards out there for writers and artists:

There's an organization similar to the Xeric Foundation that's offering awards for comic book creators:

But what are the BEST ways to get funding? Please help- thank you.

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  • Larry
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    Well you kinda need to be a well known name first. (everything is easy if everyone knows your work) start a pixiv or any well known art posting site and open a patreon account. This is not guarenteed to land you a job as an official creator, but this will start you gaining popularity if your work is good and people like it. My best advice for you is to "network", meaning actively talk to other creators and socialize if you want to go legit.

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      You have to start somewhere. I want to self-publish my own comics.

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  • 3 years ago maybe... Not sure..

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      Thank you for responding. I will wait to get more and beer answers.

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