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How much would it cost to hire the following actors ?

Im about to finish my film course at university. I've been writing this script for a couple of years and finally developed something that I personally think is good enough to be turned into a movie.

Ive written parts for specific actors who I'd like to play the characters , so if anyone could tell me how much the following would cost for about 8 weeks with around 5-8hour days. Also the film will mostly be shot in Hawaii.

So here are the actors -

Boyd Holbrook (main)

Billy Crudup (supporting role)

Olivia munn (small role)

Thomas jane (main)

Shea Whigham (main)

Alice Braga (supporting role)

Christian serratos (small role)

I understand that almost everyone in this list has major work going on right now, but my Movie is scheduled to begin filming in around 2020-2025.

And before people think I'm an idiot for jumping into a full length feature film, I've already done alot of work with films before...

Many thanks to you all! :)

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    You're better to have those people in mind for writing purposes, only. At some point in pre-production, you *may* be asked your opinion on casting, but don't count on it. In films, writers have very little say. Unlike TV right now. Also, a director may have other people in their wish list; ditto the producers, studio heads, etc.

    Another reality check: you're an unknown writer. Unless you win the lottery, you won't get those specific actors in your movie. Also, it's highly unlikely you'll direct it yourself, unless (see reason above). To say nothing of scheduling, conflicts, etc. The best you can hope for nearer the time, is first an EOI (expression of interest) then LOI (letter of intent) from your wish list of actors, via their agents. One or other usually requires a set fee to 'pencil' the actor in. Since it's years in advance, you wouldn't be able to do that, this early. LOIs generally cost thousands.

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    Yeah right. Millions. They work via contracts and contracts require money up front.

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