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What do you think is the most badass 😏?

Animal ?

Country ?

Celebrity ?

Historic character ?

Fictional character ?

User here ?

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    1. Wolf

    2. Russia

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio

    4. Oda Nobunaga

    5. Indiana Jones

    6. Don't Call Me Dude

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    3 years ago

    1) Honey Badger (general all-round aggressiveness) or Yellow Mongoose (anything that can take a Black Mamba)..

    2) Present Day? Israel. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Israel, but almost everyone everywhere seems to hate it/Jews and yet it's still there. I suspect even without UN/US support it would still be fighting with it's back to the wall.

    3) N/A. 99.99% of "celebrities" are wusses. And I don't know any of the 0.01% well enough. Maybe Chuck Norris....

    4) Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan.

    5) Stee Jans

    6) N/A. Bad-asses do not waste time on Yahoo.

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    *Bruce Lee


    *Sherlock holmes

    *N.E.O (the O.N.E)

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    Johnny Depp

    Napoleon Bonaparte

    Tom and Jerry


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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    1. Black Mamba or a cheetah. 2. USA 3. Jack Nicholson or Clarke Gable 4. Empress Sissi, Marie Antoinette, or Josephine Baker 5. Georgina Kincaid or Rosemarie Hathaway 6. I like too many people here i cant just pick one.

  • 3 years ago

    1.) Scorpions

    2.) Vatican

    3.) Jeff Bridges

    4.) Alexander the Great

    5.) Deadpool

    6.) who knows? Idk everyone.

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    The United Kingdom (mostly because I REALLY want to go there)

    Celeb - no clue

    Historical character - don't know

    Hans Solo

    Artemisia and Hollypaw

  • 3 years ago

    The Great White Shark I would say.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago


    Jackals & Caracals are equally badass


    Libya (not my country btw)


    Sandman (wrestler)

    Historic C

    Mamluks were the most badass and suicidical

    Fictional C

    Hard to tell, there are loads of them

    User here

    Whoever pick me as a best answer

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