On The Young and the Restless Soap Opera: Who is Lauren's son's father and how come she did not raise Scott.?

I cannot recall that story line.

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    Scotty Grainger Jr. - The lowdown/facts/relevant information:


    In 1989, Lauren Fenmore (Tracey E. Bregman) and Dr. Scott Grainger (Peter Barton) got married, but Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) wanted Scott for herself. She drugged him in order to get herself pregnant, and she and Lauren were both pregnant by Scott at the same time. Scott then divorced Lauren out of obligation to Sheila. Then, Sheila miscarried, but she bought a baby off the black market, and she swapped the child with Lauren's newborn son. She "delivered" Scott Grainger Jr. in 1991, and Lauren raised Sheila's black market baby, Dylan, until he died from meningitis at the age of one year in 1992. Soon after, Sheila's mother, Molly Carter (Marilyn Alex), revealed the truth to Lauren and Scott. The couple were reunited with their son, and they got re-married in 1992. Unfortunately, Scott contracted a terminal illness in the same year, and he died shortly after. Lauren then moved to Los Angeles, and she took Scotty with her. Over the next few years, Lauren traveled the world. It was revealed during that time that Scotty spent his childhood in boarding school. Lauren returned to Genoa City in 2001 while Scotty was still in school.


    After her return, Lauren married Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) in 2005. Michael soon quizzed Lauren about her rarely mentioned son, Scotty, hopeful that he would attend the wedding, and they could finally meet, but Lauren was evasive. After a failed internet search, Michael's half-brother, Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart), called Scotty from Lauren's cell phone, and they traced the boy to Toronto, Canada. Michael went to Canada to meet his future stepson, now a 24-year-old college student, working on his Masters in Education with a specialty in creative writing. Scotty, using "Scott" professionally, disclosed that he had never been back to Genoa City since he was a toddler. Still, Lauren visited him often during his stays in boarding school. Scott had always wondered why his mother was so secretive, but he gave up asking a long time ago. Not long after Michael returned to Genoa City, Lauren decided to tell Scott about her impending marriage, but Scott admitted that he had already met Michael. Lauren felt betrayed by Michael, but he later reminded her about how she disliked his family secrets.

    After Lauren left Scott's apartment, Sheila Carter walked out of Scott's bedroom. Sheila was taking college courses, and Scott, who looked just like his father, was her tutor. Sheila gave Scott an idea for a novel. Unknown to him, the story was of Sheila and his mother's past, but Sheila made Lauren out to be the evil-doer who stole Sheila's baby when it was really the other way around. Meanwhile, Michael discovered Lauren and Sheila's history, and he visited "Sheila" in a Californian prison for the criminally insane. This woman was not Sheila, but "Sugar" (also played by Kimberlin Brown), who had plastic surgery to look like Sheila. She escaped from prison for two months before turning herself in. Scott came to Genoa City for his mother's wedding and Sheila followed him there in disguise. She soon hooked up with Kevin Fisher's abusive father, "Terrible Tom" Fisher (Roscoe Born).

    Not realizing that Shelia was intent on murder, Tom was conned into joining her plot to get back at Lauren by planting a bomb on Lauren and Michael's honeymoon yacht. Lauren was presumed dead, but Tom saved her in time. He kept Lauren and Sheila captive until Lauren convinced him that Sheila was evil. John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) discovered that Lauren was being held hostage, and in his attempt to rescue her, Tom was fatally shot in 2006. Lauren and Sheila worked together to escape from the bomb shelter that they were being held in. Sheila left town after the shelter caved in, and she was severely hurt. Luckily, Lauren came out unscathed, and she reunited with Scott and Michael. Scott decided to stay in Genoa City with his mother, but he soon faded into the background. Several months later in 2006, Lauren revealed that Scott moved back to Toronto.


    When Daisy was freed from prison, Lauren felt extremely endangered. She was scared that Daisy would torture her and her family, so she decided to send Fenmore Baldwin, her son with Michael Baldwin to live with Scotty until the matter with Daisy is resolved.


    After 11 years off screen, Scott comes back to Genoa City thanks to Kevin Fisher, who saved him from kidnappers.


    Source(s): Scott Grainger Jr.
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    She did raise him, but they rapidly aged him to fit storylines. With one of the storylines (which I think was on B&B) Lauren sent him to live with her mother in Toronto to keep him safe from Sheila Carter.

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    I an feel another story line coming involving Lauren's son Scott...He jerked away when Kevin tried to help him up from his sitting position, like a frightened or angry reaction to being touched. Kevin told him he was "confused" because they kept moving him from place to place but in the end Scott said something like, "You go your way...I'm going this way"and turned away from Kevin and then Kevin said..."You are joking, right?" Then I think Scott thought twice about it and decided to just go along with Kevin. He even questioned Kevin as to where his vehicle was and Kevin said just outside. Did anyone else notice that in both the room where Keven and Scott were, the colors were very dark and black with some orange highlights, And same for the ppl on this end of the line, with Lauren trying to speak with them on the computer. It just seemed very odd to me but then again if one has been in captivity for a long time, then one would not be all happiness and smiles. I don't know who Lauren's son's father is nor why she didn't raise him, and I refuse "to copy somebody's answer" just to win a few points. All I can say is I wonder where this story line will take us next. Never a dull moment on the Y & R...It's more like scrambled eggs!

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    Scott Granger Sr. is his father. .Lauren sent Scotty to Canada to live with her mother.

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    Scott Granger, Sr is Scott's father. She did raise him. They just aged progressed him so that by the time Lauren and Michael got married, he was already grown and out of the house.

  • It started off with a love triangle with Scott Grainger and Sheila Carter,Lauren and Scott were married twice and she had a son by him name Scotty. From what I can remember Lauren sent Scotty to Canada to where her mother live to keep him safe and away from Sheila and he stayed there for a long time.

    Did not know he was a reporter or a writer, but I feel something fishy about this storyline right now.

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