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Will JEHOVAH and Jesus be proven wrong at Armageddon?

Rev 16:14,16. Jesus said that those who love him observe his commandments-John 14:15. Christendom's members and Ex-servants of JEHOVAH don't obey Jesus nor his Father Jehovah-1 John 5:3;1 Sam 15:22. Here are some examples: Jesus said to worship his Father Alone-Matt 4:10. CMs and ES of Jah don't! The Bible says to gather together and incite to love and fine works-Heb 10:24,25. CMs don't. They are divided into different sects and have killed each other in wars including others of the same sect and HATE others who claim belief in Jesus like the Catholics and Protestants do-1 Cor 1:10; John 17;1 John 4:20. Jesus said to GO and share the Kingdom good news and warning msg at ones homes-Luke 10:1-11; Matt 24:14; Matt 28:19,20. CMs and ES of Jah don't. They are too lazy self-centered and selfish and under Satan's control to do so and so they are bloodguilty-Ezek 3:17:21; John 8:44;2 Cor 4:4. Non-believers and non-religious ones and false religious groups want to also satisfy their own fallacious opinions and beliefs and desires and are not studying JEHOVAH nor Jesus-James 1:14,15;Rev 18; Psalms 14:1. Billions of inhabitants on earth and few care how the Grand Creator JEHOVAH truly feels-Rev 4:11; Psalms 83:18; Matt 7:13,14.Well they have had their day so very soon JEHOVAH will have His-Prov 27:11; Isaiah 55:11.

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    What about “the end of the world” described in the Bible? (Matthew 24:3, King James Version) Some fear that the earth will be burned up. Others are fascinated by end-time scenarios. Many have simply grown tired of being told that the end is near. But could those be reactions to fiction rather than to fact?

    You might be surprised to learn what the Bible really says about the end of the world. Not only does the Bible give reasons to look forward to the end but it also acknowledges the frustration that can set in if the end seems to be overdue. We invite you to consider the Bible’s answers to some common questions about the end of the world.


    Will the earth be burned up?

    THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “[God] has founded the earth upon its established places; it will not be made to totter to time indefinite, or forever.”—PSALM 104:5.

    The earth will not be destroyed, either by fire or by any other means. Instead, the Bible teaches that this planet is mankind’s eternal home. Psalm 37:29 says: “The righteous themselves will possess the earth, and they will reside forever upon it.”—Psalm 115:16; Isaiah 45:18.

    After God created the earth, he said that it “was very good,” and he still feels that way. (Genesis 1:31) Far from planning to destroy it, he promises to “bring to ruin those ruining the earth”—and to protect it from permanent damage.—Revelation 11:18.

    You may wonder, though, about 2 Peter 3:7. That Bible verse says: “The heavens and the earth that are now are stored up for fire.” Does this not show that the earth will be burned up? Actually, the Bible sometimes uses the terms “heavens,” “earth,” and “fire” figuratively, as symbols. For example, when Genesis 11:1 says: “All the earth continued to be of one language,” it uses “earth” to mean human society.

    The context of 2 Peter 3:7 shows that the heavens, earth, and fire mentioned there are also symbols. Verses 5 and 6 draw a parallel with the Flood of Noah’s day. On that occasion, an ancient world was destroyed, yet our planet did not disappear. Instead, the Flood wiped out a violent society, or “earth.” It also destroyed a kind of “heavens”—the people who ruled over that earthly society. (Genesis 6:11) In the same way, 2 Peter 3:7 foretells the permanent destruction of wicked society and its corrupt governments as if by fire.

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    YES! Your false god who has a false Christ who never resurrected in bodily form but of a spirit of Michael the Archangel, and his active force will be proven wrong. There is only one TRUE LIVING GOD who reigns in Heaven,who walked the earth in flesh, and His Spirit dwells in all of His believers who are saved through Him.

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    Will morons stop posting anonymously at Armageddon? Probably not.

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    OK, so killing, thou shalt not kill. When to kill? When the suffering and death caused by not acting would be much greater misery for everyone involved in the whole world, than by acting. Nuclear weapons are a definite no, but morphine, heroin, religion? Very subjective.

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