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My ex spouse is trying to control new spouse?

My ex husband is says he refuses to let my daughter be alone with my new husband. He has a daughter of his own so he knows how to take care of a kid. I just need him to take her to daycare. Can my ex really refuse to let her be alone with her stepdad

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    unless your new husband has some kind of prior record like selling drugs to kids or child endangerment, been incarcerated etc, there is nothing he can do (he can try, its up to you to decide whether you want him to control you still or not - if I were you, I would choose not)

    how do you separate these two? Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and I want you to decide to stop talking to your ex about ANYTHING other than pick up and drop off of said child - just do not comment on anything that he says - unless it needs to be addressed - do not take his calls anymore, have everything in text - in writing so you have proof - no more Ms. Nice Girl - ok?

    now what he can do is ask the court to give first refusal rights - that means if you need a baby sitter and he is available, he gets the first choice - but no judge in this country would object to your husband taking the child to day care

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    If your child is in your custody, then your current husband is allowed to take her to daycare/etc. Your ex does not get a say.

    Ignore your ex. Only talk to him when the child is concerned, and if all he does is complain about your current husband then just say goodbye and hang up. Don't feed into his nonsense. Your current husband should stay out of it and support you from the sidelines as you handle it.

    Consult your lawyer if your ex is physically preventing your current husband from dropping your kid off, or withholding your child from you at the designated switch-off time, etc.

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    No unless you let him. Just to be fair ask your ex can he take her daily. If he's a person with a working brain he will understand.

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  • Anonymous
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    No, your ex can't control who the child is around, when she's in your custody (unless there's a court order saying the child can't be around a certain person). Just like you have no right to dictate who the child is around, when she's with her father. It doesn't matter who has primary custody. Whether you two share custody or one of you just has visitation, the other parent doesn't get to dictate who the child can be around, unless the child is being exposed to a person (or people) who pose immanent danger. Your ex can't just decide he doesn't like your current husband, and therefore the child can't be alone with the guy.

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    He's trying to control you and he's being very unreasonable.

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    No, he typically cannot,

    but you will likely have

    to get the courts involved

    in order to resolve this.

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    If he has joint custody, he has a say in it.

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    Depends who has primary custody.

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    If your new spouse has a criminal record that either suggests he would be a danger to the child or that demands he have no contact with a minor child.. then yes, your ex can totally demand that she never be alone with him. However, it'd be illegal for you to even LIVE with your new husband if he were deemed a threat to minors so.. well.. hopefully that is not the case.

    Otherwise? While YOU have custody of your daughter, you can leave her with whomever you choose.. that isn't a danger to her. While your ex has custody of her... he does not have to obey you in any fashion whatsoever.

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