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How do you find out if a guy likes you?

I have a crush on a guy at work. We work the same days, slightly different times. We work Monday's, Wensdays, Friday, Sat, and Sunday. But I have a 11am to 8pm schedule. He works 5pm to 1am. We work in a place where everyone is very catty. Gossip is a huge thing but for the most part, it's all true. I can't tell anyone I have a crush on him or else he'll know by the end of my shift. I went to pick up my check yesterday (Monday. I requested the day off for a dentist appt) and I saw him working. He saw me and stared for a bit, I noticed out of the corner of my eye. When I finally looked at him, he smiled and waved. He's younger than me, and I'll always tease him about it. He always replies saying something like "I'm not younger by THAT much" something along those lines. He'll always joke that I never work, that I'm never doing anything. We both work in the kitchen. (I also do service sometimes) but if I'm on the prep table alone, he'll always jump in and help me. Which I've noticed he doesn't help other people when they're alone on the prep table. I can't tell at all right now if he likes me. We just joke around a lot. But how can I find out? Anyone have any ideas?

1 Answer

  • 3 years ago

    He likes you, he can feel a special connection with you and is attracted to you. He likes being around you and the reason he waves and smiles at you is because he feels so much affection and love for you that he can't contain it. He helps you because he feels protective of you.

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