ABN question, need help!?

I'm 23, my boss started by paying me $20/h in cash (pretty sweet I know)

But about a year ago he asked to start paying me by books. I agreed.

He said he lost money paying me cash (understandable due to tax factors)

Soooo for the last year I've worked for $16/h or less, easily over 40hrs a week. No super. No sick leave. Working on construction sites as a 'maintenance man' driving my own vehicle 400+ km a week DURING work hours. Confined spaces, at heights, carrying own tools, working some times 2-3 days solo and around toxic/deadly substances. Now my boss claims because I work under ABN I'm a sole trader who 'chooses' my pay I'm only entitled to what he says. Is he correct.

Can't find any detail on Google about this :/


Can I take any form of action?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago
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    Your boss can pay you whatever he wants as long as it is more than minimum wage.

    You can take it or find another boss who will pay you better.

    You can however deduct your milage from your taxes.

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