Has anybody have any experience of buying a new car from a factory online ?

So I really want to get this new car and its from toyota. The thing is, is that They dont have it in stock near my dealership place. The sales consultant that I am talking to told me that due to their limited inventory on that car, they can order it online for me. Sounds like a good idea, because I really really want to get that car so bad. However, I don't know much about ordering a car online. I know there must be pros and cons to it. & it will be my first car ever if I ever thinking about ordering it. I'm not good on negotiationing on cars and such. I would talk to my sales consultant more about any questions that I have, but before I do I would like to hear from anyone who has any experience of ordering a car online and what they have to go through.. like any hidden fees, extra charges, credit score check, waiting time, shipping..or anything cost-wise ? Articles online about this subject didnt really help me. So my last option is through here. Would really appreciate it to have some insight on this matter from anyone who has this experience.


*NOTE: I mention above that the sales consultant is considering of ordering the car for me, who in this case is the dealer. I know I can't order it through myself. Please respond to my main question.

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    Toyota doesn't allow "special orders". They're not GM, they won't stop the assembly line and do a custom order for random customer. They build their cars in batches (for instance, they may build 1000 Magnetic Gray Rav4's, then change colors and build more). They will allow a dealer to "preference" (request) a vehicle, meaning "Hey, we REALLY need this car". Maybe they build it, maybe they won't. If it's something simple, like a 2017 Highlander XLE in Blizzard Pearl, then it may take a few weeks. If it's a TRD Pro 4Runner in Barcelona Red, then they may not build it at all, as it's already a limited production vehicle.

    If they can preference a vehicle for you, and it gets allocated to the dealer, they will get you a build date, and a tentative delivery date. The dealer will probably as for a non-refundable deposit, to discourage you from backing out of a vehicle that only you wanted. They will also check your credit prior to this, to ensure that you can actually buy the vehicle you want them to get. There are no hidden fees. That being said, they usually sell vehicles like this at full MSRP, as they're not going through all of that effort just to make a few hundred dollars.

    Source(s): 18 years retail auto sales experience.
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    Ordering online leaves the options wide open for you. The more options you choose the higher the price of the car will be.

    There will be shipping fees, waiting time is usually around 30 days. There may be extra dealer fees for putting in the order.

  • 3 years ago

    A dealer can find the car you want at another nearby dealer.

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    The dealer can certainly place a special order for the exact car you want. But don't expect to negotiate a low price for it. If you want something special you have to pay full price. Discounts are for cars they have sitting on the lot. Not on cars that they have to special order.

    Depending on the car and the dealer you may have to pay a deposit before they place e order. It may even be non refundable.

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  • Scott
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    3 years ago

    You can't order the car online, the dealer does that.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    You are still buying the car from the dealer. Just they don't have that model in stock, so they have to order it in. You get to choose colour and options, sign the contract, maybe pay a small deposit. The dealer goes tap-tap on his PC and the order gets sent. Next week your car shows up, the check it over and prepare it for delivery and tell you come and pick it up.

    This is very common now as there are so many models of cars that the dealers can't stock all the options. They usually have a demo model that people can look at and drive around. If you want a green one, with alloy wheels, they order it for you and it arrives next week.

    My dear Mother recently bought a new Toyota. Now here the Corolla comes in 3 different trim levels and about 12 colours. They have all 36 combinations back at the distribution centre 200 miles away, while the dealer has one to demonstrate. While we are there a truck rolls up with 6 new ones that had been sold the week before.

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