Studying Civil & Environmental Engineering in Australia and thinking about dropping the environmental side of things. What do you think?

3rd year civil & environmental engineering student checking in. Basically, i'm considering switching majors to just civil. Doing this will save me an extra semester at uni and reduce my workload. I've also researched about my degree and can't seem to grab a hold of a company that needs a Civil & Environmental engineer. This suggests that you are either working as one or the other. I understand that having both expands your horizon, but i don't see civil engineering dying out any time soon due to the fact that our world is expanding and more things need to be built. Do you think its a good idea to go ahead and drop one? Please explain. Thanks guys!

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  • 4 years ago
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    While I know nothing about the job market in Australia, the market for civil engineers in the USA is robust. In our country, environmental engineers are also finding jobs easily, but the enviro jobs are mostly (a) water quality assurance or (b) writing environmental impact statements for legal purposes.

    You are right about civil engineering not "dying out any time soon," but the factors you need to consider are: (a) how many CE students are being trained, (b) how many civil engineers are retiring each year, and (c) how many new positions are being added. For example, in the USA, biomedical engineering is a fast-growing field, but there are ten times as many students being trained as the number of new positions, and almost nobody is retiring because the field is too new (so it's very difficult to find a job). Australian government statistics should enable you to answer the three questions above, with respect to civil engineering.

  • 4 years ago

    I think dual majors are a waste of time and effort. Stick with civil. Take env classes as you wish and fit in with your schedule.

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