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Where does all the waste of a toilet in a plane/train go?

I was told that in the plane it goes through the ground and into the air?


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    ***************** It stays on board.......

    There are two reasons that waste and garbage is held on board a Commercial Air Liner while in flight and removed on arrival !

    1) Laws and Sanitary conditions and construction of the aircraft !

    2)...and "Most Importantly"..... *RAPID DECOMPRESSION*...In modern jet aircraft should the waste material leave the aircraft at any height above 10,000 feet ...then you would have rapid decompression and everyone would also go down the biffy...scotch in hand ! (seriously .....but exagerated slighty for emphasis) *lol*

    Remember that modern jets are pressurised so that they can fly at high altitudes ! That is to say the pressure inside the cabin is set at say 5000 feet ASL for example (Above Sea Level) which is quite comfortable ! The inside of the cabin would have a denser pressure than say outside at 42000 feet where the air is less dense , so if someone flushed then the air would certainly rush out of the cabin through the john and equalize !

    Note....sometimes a pilot is reguired to "dump' fuel namely JP4 (aviation fuel ) used on jet aircraft to make the landing weight of the plane lighter for certain reasons ! The tanks are seperate from the main fuesilage and matter of fact are actually in the wings ! This area is not pressurized per se so it is safe to do so ! I will also add that the fuel vaporizes long before it reaches the ground and there is no pollution !

    As concerns trains they are slowly switching over to inboard tank storage for obvious reasons....namely pollution of the track area itself and the adjoining area beside the tracks ! Too many ditches ,streams,ponds, farmer fields and wildlife will eventually be affected !

    Bus or Coach waste is held in a tank and dumped on arrival at home base.

    Anyway..hope that helps ya ! *S* (Michael C)

    P.S ----- I gave you a star...good question actually ! lol

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  • It's held in a holding tank that gets emptied upon landing.

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  • Hugo90
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    3 years ago

    It is stored on the plane and emptied at the airport.

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  • Joseph
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    3 years ago

    It goes into a holding tank on board. When the plane lands, a lavatory service truck empties the tank and the wastewater is treated at the local sewage treatment plant.

    Occasionally, the drain valve is not closed all the way. The wastewater then seeps out and forms a blob of blue ice on the outside of the fuselage (blue because of the blue bowl cleaner) that then breaks off and falls to the ground. Most of the time the ice melts before it hits the ground or falls harmlessly but on very rare occasions it his a building or a vehicle and makes the news.

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  • 3 years ago

    The toilets on planes are chemical toilets, like port-a-potties. The waste is collected in a sewage tank. During normal maintenance the waste is pumped out and taken to a sewage treatment facility.

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