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Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, etc- what genre of music is that?

Do you think Frank Sinatra should be catagorized with the others? If he shouldn't be grouped with the others what genre is his music?

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    According to American Idol those preformers did songs from what they called THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK. (classic american songs) I would consider Sinatra easy listening (we had him in the catch all pop catagory but what you think of as pop was either in rock randb or rap) and the rest in Jazz. At least thats how the record store I used to work in catagorized them

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    Ella, Louis, Billie - Vocal Jazz, Jazz Standards

    Sinatra - Traditional Pop, Vocal Jazz

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  • It depends on the context. In some performances and recordings Sinatra was performing jazz, typically swing, in others it was more in line with 40s-60s pop. Fitzgerald and Armstrong also did a fair amount of more swing/popular music recordings, as did Sarah Vaughan. Billie Holiday likely would have as well had she lived longer.

    In general, however, Sinatra's music veered more towards swing and pop, while the others tended to be a bit more jazz.

    Similarly if you look at the popular 40s swing bands, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw tended to stay a bit on the popular music side whereas Duke Ellington and Count Basie stayed more on the jazz side. And a lot of that was also likely due to their respective audiences, places they could play (especially regarding racial prejudices at the time), what their record companies expected, etc.

    So I suppose that's a long non-answer. In general I suppose I would lump them all into "swing" with a few forays into pop and jazz.

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