What does "Invocation of the Muse," "Vast setting," and "Supernatural Forces," mean?

I am reading The Odyssey in my English 1 class and I am supposed to define certain words. I can not find any of these 3 words on the internet or in my text book. Please help me!

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  • 3 years ago
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    Writers and poets imagine that they are inspired by a supernatural being, the goddess of poetry, "the Muse".

    Calling up the Muse to help them write would be "Invocation of the Muse".

    "Vast setting" would be the wide oceans and various countries visited. The "setting" of a piece of literature is where it takes place. It's "Vast" because the sea seems limitless.

    "Supernatural Forces" are unseen powerful influences which are said to shape the destiny of people.

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    Those are all conventions of epic poetry. An explanation of them can be found here:


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