did prentiss from criminal minds actually die?!?

she got stabbed in the last episode, and she had a funeral, but then jj met someone in paris, and they had the same hands as prentiss, and we didnt see her face.... so im really confused :S

can someone help ?!

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  • 4 years ago
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    No, agent prentiss did not die. At the end when J.J met that "mystery woman" that was prentiss.

    The reason she faked her death was because Ian Doyle managed to escape, and so Doyle would not come back to find her.

    Doyle believed that his son had been killed due to some pictures but in fact the pictures were staged. He had been planning to raise his son to be a killer like himself and Prentiss was trying to save the boy from that fate. She revealed this to Doyle as they were brawling. Doyle then delivered a possibly fatal blow and then tried to get his son’s location out of her. He had to flee since the BAU team was closing in. The team rushed Prentiss to the hospital and Doyle got away.

    EDIT: Im don't know the exact way he escaped but, he heard them coming before the BAU team managed to get to them.

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