Why is there no cure for aids?

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    Like all viruses that have attacked humans, humans develop a resistance called immunity to them over time. It takes the body about 5 days to create a clone of an antibody the body develops to viruses. Polio is a great example of how this works. When the polio vaccine was introduced, polio was on it's way out of the human race. 95% of people that got polio never knew they had it. It is actually a mild disease that feels like a bad cold. If your immune system was compromised, you could get the paralytic polio that happened in about 1% of all the cases. There were about 3,200 reported cases of polio when the vaccine was introduced and then more cases were reported after the vaccine was introduced because the vaccine was causing more cases of polio than the disease itself and that was an admission by Salk himself, who invented the vaccine.

    In fact, the SV-40 virus was in the polio vaccine that came from the 50,000 green monkeys they used to make the polio vaccine. This was a precursor to AIDS. Many people who are exposed to AIDS do not get it now. Vaccines and antibiotics turn on the "B" cells of the immune system and since the B and T cells are reciprocal, the "T" cells are turned off or inhibited greatly when you get a vaccine or take antibiotics. Since the "T" cells are what fight viruses, you can see that humans become far more susceptible to AIDS and other viruses, like the flu, when you get vaccinated or take antibiotics.

    Chickens, like Tyson chicken used in McDonald's, El poyo loco, KFC, etc., etc., are fed antibiotics to fatten them up quicker and so you get those antibiotics when you eat that junk. That makes you more susceptible to viruses and cancer. When you get vaccinated, the POISON INJECTION does NOT go through the cloning process for antibodies and is NOT a natural way for toxins to enter the body, so they don't go through the natural gastrointestinal track and mucosa of the lungs. This unnatural process is very dumb and only gives you temporary immunity if that to one specific antigen, leaving you vulnerable to all other viruses and cancer.

    Your immune system can take care of aids if you have a strong immunity built up. Unfortunately, the drug companies have taken over the medical industry and DRUGS are now what they claim to be the only solution to AIDS and other diseases. That is not only ridiculous, but contrary to normal body healing processes. Instead of looking for the magic bullet, if you focus on building strong immunity, you have a far greater chance of not getting AIDS or getting rid of it. Can you name ONE disease the drug companies have cured in the last 200 years of their existence? It's contrary to their business model to cure anything. The "PINK PEOPLE" are out there raising money to "Cure" cancer, but that is not where the money goes. It goes to researching more drugs to manage and treat the symptoms of diseases, not "CURE" anything.

    The cure for AIDS, like all other viruses, will come from human immunity, not some drug. To think AIDS is so "Tricky" that it cannot be killed by our immune system, then why are there many people already immune to it in our society that simply cannot get AIDS?

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    Because it's a tricky son of a gun to kill. The HIV Virus is a very fragile one...outside the body. In the body it's a major pain in the butt to kill off...without killing off the patient in the process.

    There are treatments out there that are showing promise and are currently undergoing trials to see if they're safe and effective.

    Give it a couple of years and we'll have that sucker kicked.

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