Is it okay to tip in coins in Canada?

The smallest bill in Canada is C$5 which is equal to $5.5 in the US.

So if you just had a meal alone or if you wanted to tip a hotel maid for making your room, a five-dollar bill can be too generous. I might feel this way because I have lived in Asia too long where tipping isn't very common at all.

Anyways, I wonder if it's okay to tip in coins(only in coins) in Canada?

Or tipping in England is uncommon as it is in Asia?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Coins are perfectly fine. Tip is usually around 15%, so if the meal was $15 then your tip would only be $2.25...I might round it off to $2 or $3, but wouldn't use a fiver unless I was feeling really generous! Loonies and twonies are great, smaller change might be a bit offensive.

    You mentioned England, so I'll say that giving tips in cash is a bit less common in Europe, since in many countries the tip is automatically included in the bill...

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