What is the best route to go Army Special Forces "Green Berets"?

I'm graduating from a 4 year college (Florida State University), afterwords I plan on enlisting. I do not want to go OCS yet. I want to go into the Army Special Forces. Rangers, Special Forces, SEALS, Marine Recon; don't take Officers fresh out of college. They want Officers with legitimate military experience. But I digress, anyway would it be more appropriate to attempt the Rangers then after a few years there switch to SF? Or should I just go straight into SF with the 18x program? Rangers are considered Special Forces, but they are more or less elite light infantry.

p.s. - could i go back and get the Ranger Tab if I make it into SF?

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    I served 15 years in Special Forces (Green Beret)....I also wear a Ranger tab (Ranger 9, 1967).... I have been both enlisted and officer in Special Forces

    FIRST.... The "down time" in service waiting to become a Green Beret is almost the same for officers and for enlisted.... You must be E-4P to go to the Q-course and be placed on a team.... you must be O-3 to go to the Q-course and be slotted to the teams

    SECOND... Personally not sure the 18X program is the best or fastest path to a green beret. (email me for details)

    THIRD For more than one reason I think serving time in the Ranger Regiment is more hazardous career wise and a slower path to Special Forces.... there is a lot of hard work for little career benefit. As to Ranger training.... the school is open to students from Special Forces..... although it duplicates some of the Q-course it is worth the time and effort

    FOURTH I would not broadcast my desire to be Special Forces. Let your application to attend the course be a surprise to everyone..... there is a lot of intra-service rivalry and being known as a "Green Beret wannabe" COULD impact your relationships.... ALSO while I enjoyed my enlisted service.... being an officer carries some distinct advantages

    FINALLY My recommendation as the fastest path to a Green Beret.... Enlist Infantry-Airborne.... after you complete training you will probably be assigned to the 82nd Abn Div....Fort Bragg NC.... while there develop some contacts in the SF Groups.... hopefully a CSGM.... work hard and make E-4P or 1Lt (P)

    ..... apply for Special Forces School .... the unit commander might deny your request.....but it will go foreward anyway..... that is when you contact that CSGM in SF.... request he use whatever influence he might have to get you into his command

    PS While you are waiting those promotions work on your physical fitness and swimming skills.... It also would enhance your chances if you developed language skills ; particularly languages used by the SF Group you are attempting to join.... Also check out Delta....They are the BEST of the BEST

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    If you are enlisting you are not going to be an Officer.

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