Why don't People reply on Plenty of Fish dating Website?

If you never get attention on a dating website shouldn't you be

happy someone messaged you! if you have been on a dating

website for 2 years and nobody hasn't messaged you! then one day you get a message from a handsome gorgeous man who is

giving you a compliment you should reply instantly! even if he lives

in California and you live in Maine! what is wrong with people

on plenty of fish? if is very frustrating when someone doesn't

reply back! they just look at your profile no reply! if you are

not going to reply back you need to close your account!

it's like getting all dressed up and going to a party and 20

men ask you to dance and you say no! you will be waiting

forever on dating websites for the perfect man? last dance

last chance for love! what is wrong with people on Plenty

of fish dating website!

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  • 3 years ago
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    Hi Jody,

    Plenty of Fish can be a difficult site to get right if your'e a man. The thing is a mans profile really needs to stand out from all the other men's profiles. Women will pass by average profiles unless your rich or very handsome.

    It's pretty easy to write a great profile if you put some effort into it. Most men will write a couple of lines and sit back. When nothing happens they think it's a crap site.

    The good news is most men's profiles are lame and if you can write a good one you absolutely will get attention.

    Think of a funny headline or ask a question in your headline. I have used this " I've lost it, Can you help me find it?" it gets results. Women are curious and respond to it !

    Look at the woman's profile and ask her a question about something in it. Women love talking about themselves and if you ask a question they often respond. Don't compliment her on her looks as everyone does that ! Compliment her on her profile. She'll be pleased you took the time to read it as most men just look at the pictures.

    Good luck buddy

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