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Fantasy Football: 20 man league draft strategy?

Doing a 20 man league for football just wondering your take on a draft strategy. I did a 16 man team last year and was LOADED at RB and WR and still did not make the playoffs due to not having a QB so I think QB will be even more important this year. Here was my roster last year in the 16 man:

QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Tyler Thigpen

WR: Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, Marques Colston, Donnie Avery, Mark Clayton

RB: Stephen Jackson, Michael Turner, Ryan Grant, Justin Fargas, Peyton Hillis

TE: Kellen Winslow, Donald Lee

K: Josh Scobee

DEF: Washington

I made a lot of trades that screwed up my record for the long term stacked roster and it ended up costing me. I ended up missing the playoffs but posting the highest totals during the playoff weeks by far (about 135 points a week). My fault was trading away Drew Brees if I would have kept him I would have won the league for sure.

Does anyone have a good draft strategy for a 20 man league?

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    It all depends on your draft position...In a deep league like this I think it's best to be in the middle of the pack...if you're at the top or bottom, once the elite players are gone you don't have much to choose from.

    Here's what I suggest

    1st pick get the best RB you can

    2nd pick get the best WR you can

    3rd pick shoot for Aaron Rogers or Phillip Rivers or Dallas Clark or Jason Witten

    4th pick take the Steelers, Giants, or Ravens

    5th pick take the best QB or TE (whatever you didn't pick 3rd)

    In a deep league like this, the more top tier talent you have the better your chances. So load up talent at the other positions while everyone else is scrambling to load up with lower RB's and WR's

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