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What does "check my flow" mean?

Can somebody say me what does it mean?

Try to explain me in a easily way please or in Spanish.

Thanks! :)

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    Check my flow means like "check how I'm doing, check how I look" its a way in American slang to say "Am I good? Check my flow" as in "Check out the way I am, how I look, how I'm doing this" to ask if one looks good doing something, looks cool, and doesn't look stupid.

    I could say to you before I'm going out to a party and I'm all dressed up, "Hey, check my flow." If you think I look great and have a nice look put together you would respond "You're all good." If you didn't like my "flow" or my "look" you would say "Eh, not so good." or you could even respond with "Eh, your flow is all messed up, you look like you be tryin' to hard." or "eh, you be trippin' " But now we're talking hard core American dialect and Slang.

    Its all about what type of person you are that could describe how you'll respond. even in what sense and what respect you mean when saying the phrase.

    Hope I helped! :)

  • Tony R
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    4 years ago

    Not sure, depends on how it's used. If you are trying to speak English smoother, you could say "Check my flow" as in listen to my speaking and see if it's smooth.

    I couldn't think of another way to use this, but I'm sure there are.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Correct English --- Can someone tell me what does it mean, or Can someone tell me the meaning? And,,, Try to explain IT TO me in an EASY way,,,

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