match the following items.?

these are the questions

1. Roosevelt's recovery program

2. fair treatment of all nations following World War I

3. Harding's postwar program

4. legislation controlling corporation competition practices

5. Wilson's program of political and social reforms

6. program of flood control and soil conservation

7. resulted in five-nation treaty banning build-up of certain military equipment

8. legislation for veteran bonuses

9. Roosevelt's initial program to pass as much legislation as possible

10. financial aid to Europe

11. organization for black persons' rights

12. British ship sunk by Germans

and these are the answers

National Industrial Recovery Act

return to normalcy

New Deal

just peace

First Hundred Days

Washington Disarmament Conference

National Urban League


Young Plan

Tennessee Valley Authority


Patman Bill

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    1. New Deal

    2. just peace

    3. return to normalcy

    4. National Industrial Recovery Act

    5. progressivism

    6. Tennessee Valley Authority

    7. Washington Disarmament Conference

    8. Patman Bill

    9. First Hundred Days

    10. Young Plan

    11. National Urban League

    12. Lusitania

    Thanks to Google search! Haha xD

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