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Real sharp katana sword?

I wanted to buy a very sharp hand made katana for a good price. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    What you can use your katana for will largely depend on what you paid for it. A sword for a 'good price' (cheap) will cut your cake and yes, you can sharpen it like your kitchen knives. Since you want a sharp one I assume you want it for real katana cutting practice which means the blade will cost you at least $1,000 and up and that was several years ago. I really haven't priced them lately but I suspect that they have gone up. Don't use a cheaper one for cutting since they can break and you can get hurt. In other words a 'hand made katana' and a 'good price' usually do not match. You do get what you pay for.

    I recommend that you find an Iado, kendo, Iajuitsu or other school take classes and have the instructor help you find a good sword that will be right for you. To save your money for a good sword that will be your pride and joy for the rest of your life is well worth it.

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