Please help:Determine the overall orders of the reactions to which the following rate laws apply.?

(a) Rate = k[NO2]2

(b) Rate = k

(c) Rate = k[H2][Br2]1/2

(d) Rate = k[NO]2[O2]

answer choices to all problems:

a-zero order

b-first order

c-second order

d-third order

e-fourth order

f-0.5 order

g-1.5 order

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  • 3 years ago
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    Determining the overall order is done simply by adding up the exponents of the concentrations.

    (a) Second order

    **It only has [NO2] squared, so it's second

    (b) Zero order

    **This rate law has no concentration component, so there are zero exponents

    (c) 1.5 order

    **The exponent of [H2] is 1 and the exponent of [Br2] is 0.5. So added together, it is 1.5

    (d) Third order

    **The exponent of [NO] is 2 and the exponent of [O2] is 1. So added together, it is 3.

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