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What's Trumps plan for dealing with debt slavery ? What was Hillary's plan for dealing with it ?


Mike M 7 - Sounds good on paper. Forgive me if I what till I see some real progress before I start cheering. These jobs will they pay a livable wage ?

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    The obvious would be to stop encouraging rampant consumerism.

    I know two families who used credit cards and then got more.

    Ask why Verizon insists you upgrade a perfectly good phone and lies to you about charges every chance they get. We don't have advocates like Ralph Nader who care how people are getting ripped off. Cell phone hawkers are as bad as used cars salesmen who sell you a junker and put you off when you call them about it.

    I was trying to help this girl who just got out of prison , again and she only wears designer pants. She was working as a prostitute , a crack baby who was in the hospital six months after she was born and needs labels on her clothes. Too rich for my blood. Then we hired a contractor strung out on cocaine. He offered me some and I said that is a rich kid's drug. Are you rich? I said the only people I know who can afford cocaine are rich kids so no thank you. Of course he wasn't rich which is why he was a union electrician working odd jobs.

    We really need to re educate people on what is important in life and it isn't the latest tech gadget , car , designer crap unless you were born wealthy and then get a good financial advisor and remain on a budget . It is easy to lose a lot of money in a hurry.

    In short, education . Our government has spent like low life poor folks with no sense of checks and balances. We need to be taught about money in elementary school and the consequences of overspending and using credit cards . Comcast made it easy to pay them automatically so now they jack up their prices randomly without giving you any explanation. These huge companies all need to be held accountable for the way they cheat the mentally disabled or checked out. Shame on the government and George Bush Jr for encouraging people to spend money after 9/11. That was offensive and I don't think anyone called him on it.

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    Trumps plan............. jobs so you can pay your bills

    hillary............. more and more debt to keep us all enslaved

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