Move everything from my HDD to my SSD?

Oke so i did some stuff and it got a little bit here are the 3 drives i have

C: drive: the main drive i used forever it has 178 gb used space. Its on windows 7

D: drive: my ssd of 250 gb

G: drive: another hdd from another computer which has windows 7 on it. + there is a image of my Hdd on there

So i unplugged the C: drive from my computer, because i wanted to boot from the windows repair key. But when i open the computer it went straight to windows 7.

I went into bios to see if the order is correct, and the pc should first boot from my main disk drive(which is number 1) which has the windows repair thing on it. But it doesn't

How can i fix this without having to unplug the external hdd and then put that hdd back when i am in the windows repair thing? Is there a way to not let my computer boot to windows?

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  • 4 years ago
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    Sounds like your PC booted from the G: drive when you unplugged the C: drive. If the C: drive was disconnected then the system would try and boot from the next available device.

    You don't need to disconnect the C: drive to boot from a USB repair key.

    You should be able to press a key to get the one-time boot menu so that you can manually select the device. The option is usually Enter, F2, F11 or F12 depending on the manufacturer of your PC or the BIOS.

    You also need to be careful about your terminology. You mentioned above that you disconnected your main drive (the C: drive) but then said that the BIOS is set to boot from the main disk drive. This is confusing and makes it harder for people to assist you. If it was disconnected it would not appear in the BIOS as an option.

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