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Headphone impedance etc for a laptop?

I'm looking to replace my old pair of headphones since they broke, and I'm a bit confused about headphone specs such as: impedance, frequency response, sensitivity, and driver size.

These are the headphones I've been looking at: - (these are almost exactly the same as the pair I have that broke) - (basically clones of Status Audio OB-1's)

The AudioMX's have a higher impedance (54 compared to 32), different sensitivity, and different frequency response.

My question is, will I be able to use these on my laptop? Or am I better off sticking with the Konig headphones?

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    Either will do well on your laptop. The differing impedances are not a problem. Both have frequency responses which are better than the average human ear can perceive. As for sensitivity, if the sound is too quiet you just turn the volume up.

    The AudioMX headphones are open-backed. This is fine at home but a bit antisocial in public, because everything is clearly audible to others.

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    Those are NOT very good choices, sorry! Besides, technical jargon ALONE should NEVER be a starting point of ANY audio gear purchase, so impedance does NOT mean a thing as such.

    For TRUE quality, rely ONLY on REPUTABLE manufacturers such as Sennheiser, Shure, Grado, Denon, AKG, Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen, Etymotic, Beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica.

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    Ignore the impedance.

    It is a legitimate specification, but not an important one.

    It will not materially affect the sound you hear.

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