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What is NBA Power Ranking? And other basketball terms.?

I was wondering what NBA power rankings were? So Ik trying to get into basketball so can someone explain other basketball terms, major players, teams and ect? Thanks!

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    Power rankings are simply that reporter's opinion of which teams were the best that given week. It gives you a quick glimpse of how a team did that week while still keeping in mind the long term prospects each team has.

    First thing you need to know about the NBA are the teams and their main players. Best team in the league right now is the Golden State Warriors, who won the championship in 2015, lost in the Finals last year, but added superstar Kevin Durant to their already stacked team that included the 2 time reigning MVP Steph Curry, a point guard known for being able to make shots from incredibly long range relatively easily, Klay Thompson, another very good 3 point shooter and all around player, and Draymond Green, a short (for a power forward) player, but somehow still an incredible defensive player that will likely win Defensive Player of the Year this year.

    The team that beat Golden State last season was the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by Lebron James, the agreed upon best player in the world. Lebron will go down in basketball history as one of the best players to ever play, thanks in no small part to how he's led his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers the last 2 seasons, and the Miami Heat for 4 seasons before that, to the NBA Finals 6 consecutive years, and it looks likely he'll make it 7 this year as no team in the East is quite at the Cav's level.

    Then you have the San Antonio Spurs. They've been one of the best teams in the NBA for about 20 years thanks to Tim Duncan, another all time great, but Duncan retired this last season, and the Spurs remain in contention due to the excellent coaching of Gregg Popovich, my pick for greatest coach of all time, and the incredible performance of their young superstar Kawhi Leonard, the 2 time reigning Defensive Player of the Year who has developed into an elite scoring machine to boot. If any team will get in Golden State's way to a 3rd straight Finals appearance, it'll be the Spurs.

    Not necessarily a contender, but still a team you should know is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Last season, they made it to the Western Conference Finals, but lost to the Warriors, and in the off season, Kevin Durant left them for the Warriors. Now pretty much everyone hates Kevin Durant for betraying his team to join the team that beat him, and loves Russell Westbrook, an incredible player that might average a "triple double" (double digits in points, assists, and rebounds per game) for the season, which is something the NBA hasn't seen since 1962.

    Since no team outside of Golden State, Cleveland, and maybe San Antonio stands a chance at the Championship, the race for regular season MVP is where things are most interesting right now, and the arguable leader for the award right now is James Harden, a guard for the Houston Rockets and he's led the team to the 3rd seed in the West despite not having any really good players on his team. He's considered closely followed by, in no particular order, Russell Westbrook, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard. A lot of arguments over who will be MVP happen, so I'd recommend watching all 5 of those guys whenever you have time.

    That's basically where the league is at right now. There's 25 other teams all with their own interesting stories, but those are the 5 you definitely have to know to understand the league right now. Hope it helps

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