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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 3 years ago

Compatibility of a Cancer woman with a moon in Aquarius & a Pisces man with a moon in Taurus?

My sun is Cancer, rising sign is Libra, & moon sign is Aquarius. His sun is Pisces & his rising is Scorpio

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago
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    Justin Biber (aka Bibas in Brazil and Portugal) and Selena Gomez

    he is a pisces aberration and she is canc

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  • 3 years ago

    Although Astrologers say that Pisces and Cancer is compatible...

    If you look at famous pisces men very few of them have the long term relationship with Cancer... UNLESS one of them is on the cusp... if he is on cusp of Leo, or if he is on cusp of Aquarius.

    Also, your moon signs aren't very compatible

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  • 3 years ago

    That Moon in Aquarius makes it a bit difficult to judge. It has very strange effects on Cancer people.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    IN order to do an astrological evaluation for compatibility . .one that is VALID and that WORKS, first you have to get the birthdata for both of you:

    (1) day, mo, yr of birth

    (2) EXACT time of birth (don't use a time rounded off to the nearest hour/half-hour. Even just being off by as little as 4 minutes from the real time of birth can give you answers that don't work out)

    (3) birthplace: city, town (the astrological software program will convert it into longitude/latitude for you)

    That is the problem with astrology .. finding an accurate birthtime. The more you are "off" from the time of birth, the more you are just guessing, and probably guessing wrong.

    Then go to and choose their "free synastry report". Enter the birthdata for both of you, and you get a 10+ page report of all the ways you two get along and all the ways you don't.

    Because, whether you are talking to a psychology or an astrologer, NO couple is ever "compatible". ALL relationships have problems and discord and hurt once the honeymoon phase has died out. It is only a matter of HOW much or how LITTLE hurt there is.

    And what makes it work is NOT love - love is only 11% of what makes it work.

    Nor is it some mysterious concept of "compatibility".

    What makes it work is at once dishearteningly difficult, yet very hopeful because we CAN control it.

    What makes love work is that we recognize that WE are the one who create our emotional responses. And so we learn to work with our emotions in such a way that things stop bothering us. Only then can we accept our partner AS THEY ARE, and love them for who they are. Until then, once the problem start, we are too consumed with OUR hurt and we try to blackmail our partner through tears or punishment or threats, to try to make them change so that we won't have to deal with our emotions.

    Marriages is THE hardest thing you will ever do. Only 12.5% of all marriages learn it, and it takes THEM 15-20 years to figure it out.

    Too many couples mourn the loss of the infatuation/fantasy "high" and break up once the going gets tough. They never GET to the place of love.

    So, astrology cannot predict if you two will grow up enough to make love work. But it CAN tell you what problems might break the two of you up. Understanding why and how these conflicts arise helps us accept them better and can help us stop fighting with out partner .. compassion for our partner always helps resolve our own emotional upset.

    But sign comparison? NO real astrologer compares signs because it doesn't work.

    In astrology, it is the distances between planets, NOT the signs, that indicate HOW those planets interact. These distances are called "aspects" and only CERTAIN distances create an interaction .. depending on which distance it is, that interaction is either harmonious or it is discordant.

    But since signs are 3 times as wide as the allowable distance, you cannot use signs to find these distances.

    For instance ... you have Sun in Cancer. He has Scorpio Rising.

    Depending on the actual DEGREE/location/position within the 30-degree-wide sign of Cancer .. and the same for his Ascendant ....

    your Sun and his Ascendant have the following possible aspects:

    (1) Your Sun is trine his Ascendant .. a harmonious distance of between 112 and 128 degrees

    (2) Your Sun is square his Asc. ... a discordant distance of between 82 and 98 degrees.

    (3) NO aspect = NO interaction between your Sun-need and his Asc-behaviors.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    If you're looking for an excuse to get out of the relationship, astrology can do this. Personally I'd take it as an insult when someone tries to judge me with a calendar.

    • Nosmo King3 years agoReport

      I'm a Pisces and I take it as an insult when people don't treat me like a Pisces.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    What if Astrology says you're not compatible? Are you just going to not even attempt a relationship with this man? Because that's a terrible thing to do.

    Compatibly in Astrology does not exist. Please please please do not use Astrology to decide whether you're compatible or not. You could easily be making the worst decision of your life, this guy could be the best thing to happen to you yet you didn't do anything because Astrology said you're not compatible

    Edit: This is beyond belief, if your belief system determines who you can and cannot date then it's a terrible belief system. If someone was to say they cannot date someone because they're a certain skin color, then they'd be branded a racist. Why is it acceptable to judge others based on their Astrological signs but not with something equally as stupid such as race?

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    • Nosmo King3 years agoReport

      Stop telling people how to approach relationships. If you don't believe in astrology, that is up to you, but don't tell others not to believe in it just because you don't. That is a terrible thing to do and you know it. Live and let live.

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