I need help with adware!!!!!!?

So a few days ago I downloaded a file from mediadisk.net. I got an exec file and run it, as I saw in all tutorials for media disk. I got the rar file along with a lot of Russian malware and similar crap. I uninstalled the new Russian programs and reset my browsers settings but I couldn t get an adware off!! I tried with Norton (my default anitirus), Norton power eraser, malware bytes and others but always got nowhere. Can somebody help me???

If it helps I was downloading an intro template for my friend, and I have an Alienware 13 r2 pc with nvidia GeForce gtx 960 m, intel core i7 6500 u and 512 gb ssd from Samsung if not mistaking.

Thanks in advance!!!!

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  • 3 years ago
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    Try automatic removal tools like WiperSoft or Malwarebytes

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