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When did The United States of America or Donald J. Trump say that the US of A has any issue with legal immigrants that pose no threat?

It would appear that people have gotten into this ideology that The United States of America or Donald J. Trump has any problem with immigrants coming to the US of A legally from locations that pose no risk to the country, far as I am aware this is not the case.

We have nor never will be the country in which anyone and everyone can come here in any way they choose fit in the past getting into the US of A was a trail and a lot of people were turned away just like any other country.

At some point this changed and we became the easy pickin' country to which anyone can easily come into the country resulting in citizens that don't provide any resource or economical gain to the United States of America sending money back to the homeland instead.

How many children are already going hungry? How many service men and women are homeless? How many homeless are there already?

Does The Good Ol' Red, White & Blue need more people?

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    Congress passes immigration laws, not the president. The president executes the laws passed by Congress. He does not make law. The tendency to legislate by executive order was seen in Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Their opponents in both parties objected to the heavy reliance on executive orders. Now Trump is doing the same thing, but suddenly it's OK. Why.

    The courts, however, hold the other two branches of government responsible for what they do- is the action compatible with the Constitution.

    Donald Trump, at first, banned green card holders (legal residents of the US) and already vetted visa holders. That has little to do with "extreme vetting." Those people were already investigated and approved. Green card holders can eventually apply for citizenship- they have been given the right to live and work in the United States- but Trump tried to keep them from returning to the US from travel abroad. That's ridiculous.

    I have now answered your question.

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    When Trump stopped saying "illegal" immigrants and just started saying "immigrants" and when he directed ICE to go after people with legal papers, which was this week.

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