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A question about converting to Catholicism from an inspired and spiritually independent soul.?

Hi everyone. I will give some background about myself.

I have been agnostic up till 17 when a family member died and was estranged from the rest of my biological family, and I prayed to God to help with healing. It has come true for me, and I have recovered at age 25 like never imagined. I now have a harmonious relationship with my family.

I was always very spiritual, and resolved to never have anything to do with religion even if my faith in God was very strong. I always thought to do so was to limit myself and imprison myself spiritually.

I have nothing against Catholics but I don't like the Catholic Church, because I have found its response to the paedophile scandals absolutely appalling and I just find them backwards in terms of how they relate to society, and I thought how could Catholics just go along with this.

I ask this question because I have been going to bed for the past 2 months with my emotions and mind being fixed on religion, specifically Catholicism for some strange reason.

I have been also having strong intuitive and kinaesthetic visions of marrying someone Catholic, devotedly so, but not bible-bashing or insisting I convert. That is part of these visions I have been having, but not the only one. I don't know why, and I never imagined this coming

Can anyone relate in any way? What if I have been resisting religion but in vain? Are there any converts to Catholicism who before believed they were never gonna need religion but then embraced it? Thank u.

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    If you were an honest agnostic you wont take our recommendations anyway. Agnostics thought their way into agnosticism by weighing the evidence and they find their way out the same way, through research.

    I recommend you do not abandon your agnostic roots but bring the same studious, conscientious approach to your Christian journey.

    If you must choose between facts and visions I would keep the facts.

    Source(s): A former agnostic.
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    I grew up hating Catholicism. I was taught to do so by my family. I had no intention of ever ever converting. When I eventually tried to enter their Inquiry program, my local parish refused to let me in.

    I see so many posts here asking, "What religion should I join based on what my beliefs are?"

    I didn't become a Catholic because it fit what I wanted (I would actually prefer a religion that lets me sleep in on Sundays, and accumulate a few more wives.) I converted because I learned too much, and could never again be anything but Catholic, even if they refused to let me in.

    They eventually did let me in, but I had to undergo three exorcisms first, and I'm not sure how long the warranties on those last.

  • Corey
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    Visions are just you imagining things. If you make decisions in life as if visions were supernatural, you'll make poor decisions. Skipping possibly good options because they don't conform to your mistaken expectations, or sticking with bad options because they do.

    I glad you've reconnected with your family, but that doesn't mean there was divine intervention.

    "some strange reason" is that you're fixated on the Catholic Church. It's like a feedback loop.

  • Dave D
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    First off, neither the actions of the few pedophile priests (or other priests who have committed other crimes) nor the actions of those who attempted to cover it up, are living in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Priests and bishops are human beings. They make mistakes and can sin. You should be focusing on the teachings of the Church. I suggest that you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church to see if there is anything there that you disagree with. If there is then you should discuss that with a priest who would be able to explain it to you and answer your questions. This is the wrong forum to get true answers.

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