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Hey i just finished the naruto shippuden anime and now i dont know whats next i took a break for a while and there are a few books out now with boruto etc and i dont know what order to start reading in. the last chapter of the naruto shippuden manga is 700 "naruto uzumaki" which is episode 479 of the anime but there are 15 more episodes that follow, like what manga material are they adapted from?? Can somebody please give me a list of all the manga material in order and also where do the movies fit in what are they adapted from or are they original?! im realley confused and google didnt help.


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    The things that are airing now are epilogue side stories that originate from a bunch of light novels. With the exception of episodes 480-483 which are just are just more fillers that revolve around various characters from their childhoods. They're animating them kind of randomly, but I'll put a timeline for everything that's currently out below.

    The main two things to watch are the two movies, The Last and Boruto. All previous movies are non-canon and not connected to the story in any way, but these two are canon sequels that happen years in the future after Shippuden. Watch them in that order. Boruto has a monthly spin off manga as well that's currently running, but note that Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, is not writing it.

    Also be sure to actually read chapter 700 of the manga, it's the original epilogue that hasn't been animated yet. Finally, there's a short ten chapter manga called Naruto Gaiden which is a prequel to the Boruto movie.

    So all in all, here's everything in chronological order directly after the end of Shippuden:

    -Kakashi Hiden (novel, hasn't been animated yet)

    -Shikamaru Hiden (episodes 489-493)

    -The Last movie

    -Sakura Hiden (not animated)

    -Konoha Hiden (not animated)

    -Naruto's Wedding (upcoming episodes 494-495)

    -Gaara Hiden (not animated)

    -Akatsuki Hiden (not animated)

    -Sasuke Shinden (episodes 484-488)

    -Chapter 700 of the manga

    -Naruto Gaiden manga (prequel to Boruto)

    -Boruto: Naruto the Movie

    -Boruto manga (retells the movie first then will carry on into a new story)

    It seems lengthy, but you don't actually have to watch any of the epilogue novel episodes. Though they line up with the story, they weren't actually written by Kishimoto and thus technically are not canon, basically it's just more filler. The only things that truly matter to the story are The Last, Boruto, Gaiden and chapter 700.

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      Oh that's the english name for Naruto Gaiden, it's the same thing. So a simplified order if you want to stick to the main things is 700 > The Last > Gaiden > Boruto. Glad to help! =]

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