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So asked in SportsBoxing · 3 years ago

Which wins if Yuri Arbachakov and Román "Chocolatito" González fight? Each other the heyday.?

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  • Jose
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    3 years ago
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    It would have been an incredible fight.

    Yuri Arbachakov's outside footwork with his use of L-steps, backsteps, and lateral circling was blended greatly with his upper body movement, shoulder feints, head off-center movement. He had 1-punch KO power, but knew how to use feints and jabs to set up his power. He was also patient.

    I say that Arbachakov would have been Chocolatito's toughest test because Arbachakov was an inch taller and was much smoother in his boxing-punching tactics (especially with traditional outside defense) compared to someone like Carlos Cuadras (who Chocolatito just faced).

    However, I say that Chocolatito beats Arbachakov in the toughest fight each fighter would ever see. It has to do with styles. Chocolatito is a boxer-puncher who has specialized in inside-fighting. Arbachakov was a pure outside boxer-puncher that also attacked from the mid-range. Rolando Bohol was KO'd in 2 rounds by Arbachakov, but Bohol (who was a VERY low level fighter) was able to tag Arbachakov with some pressure attacks. Chocolatito would force Arbachakov into a slug fest by getting to the inside after about 4-5 rounds, and then it would be a war of attrition. Arbachakov was smoother than Cuadras and was bigger than Estrada, but he never had faced a tough inside-fighter / boxer-puncher like Chocolatito.

    Chocolatito's defense HAS to be on point - or he could find himself on his ***. Arbachakov was also a very tough bastard.

    But in the end, Chocolatito's constant pressure, high punch volume, and breathless inside body work would slow Arbachakov's footwork down and force Arbachakov into a more reactive fight. At that point, Chocolatito wins on points in a very close UD or even MD victory.

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  • 3 years ago

    I got Gonzalez but not by much.

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