Pimple under bottom lip, to pop or not?

For the past few days I ve been having this pimple under my lip, at first it was red and itchy but barely noticeable since it was under my lip. Last night i popped it and felt so relieved, I woke up in the morning to a swollen bottom lip. I m guessing that its because I popped it and went deeply when I was doing it last night. As the day went on today, I applied ice and took medicine for the swelling and it s gone now so my bottom lip is now back to normal. What bothered me is that currently looking in the mirror the pimple is back and it s got a whitehead looking like it s ready to burst. Should i pop it or leave it alone?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Don't pop it, it will swell your lip, and you'll regret it. Put some calamine lotion on it.

    Oh, I just see you did that, and that happened. Told ya. But yea, put some calamine on it and do a face steam to open it up and dab with warm compresses and if it releases stuff again, clean with mild soap and water, and put a bag of frozen peas to seal it up again so no germs can get in, and put some calamine on it. It will dry it out and help reduce inflammation and help it heal faster. Or you can use other OTC zit things, but I like calamine lotion, none of the kind with added stuff, just the regular pinkish colored calamine lotion that's really watery, and just dab some on there and let it dry, and it will also soothe it as well as help it heal and reduce inflammation. Can also take an ibuprofen to internally/systemically help to reduce the swelling too.

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