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Once upon a time kids stories like Cinderella told them to be good, patient and kind. Now they tell kids to be bratty, selfish, and stupid?

Is that intentional? Watched the big budget Tim Burton movie Alice through the Looking Glass with my niece. It was fun, but we were laughing about how Alice steals, tells her mom off, acts bossy and rude, and makes a mess of everything by not listening to anyone, and being a complete dumass, and in the end she realizes that things are all her fault for one second, until everyone standing around her glosses over it, and puts her in charge of saving everything. While we were laughing, it occurred to me that just about every kid film and kid fantasy book, even the YA ones tells that same message; Be bold even when you don't know s***, don't listen, get insulted and go crying anytime someone disagrees with you. Is it any wonder kids sit around whining and protesting?


Anyone that thinks that books. tv shows, and movies don't motivate is an idiot. No parent could possibly compete with that kind of motivation. Books are probably the most powerful in getting young people to see the world a certain way. If they all tell kids to be awful, you will hve a problem. And I am in my twenties, so not that old.

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    Now you understand the violent reactions to Trump's winning the election. These little snowflakes are used to getting their own way. When they don't get what they want, when they want it, they throw a tantrum and can get violent.

    These are the people who will be running our world in a few years!

    Scary, isn't it?

  • Congratulations, you are now old.

    "In my day (insert whatever quality your generation possessed that no longer exists)!"

    Every generation has accused the generation before them of being stuffy, resistant to change, and holding morals that are no longer applicable, and they accuse the generation after them of being too flighty, inconsistent, immoral, whiny, rude, vulgar, etc...

    But if you're expecting stories, movies, and tv shows to set the example for your kids or your nieces and nephews, then you're why they whine.

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    You do realize the book was written in 1870, right? Burton didn't change Alice's personality from Lewis Carroll.

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