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If libs and dims are so "pro-women", why are they so against, Betsy DeVos, Trump's education nominee?

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    Because she's a vacuous moron who is not even remotely qualified for the position to which she has been appointed. She is explicitly bent on running the public school system into the ground (something that has been a Republican goal for as long as I've been alive), and wants to instead offer vouchers so that parents may funnel their money and their children into religious schools.

    Two problems with that. First, giving taxpayer money to religious institutions is unconstitutional--not that this has ever stopped Trump in the past. Secondly, a child going to a private school does not mean that the public school becomes cheaper to run. That public school still has faculty, classrooms, utilities, and a desk that would have accommodated that student, and those things still have to be paid for.

    Everybody benefits from an educated society. That's why those with no children still pay for public schools though their property taxes. DeVos's plan is not about "school choice," it is about burning down the public school system so that businessmen can start profiting more from private schools, and it is about allowing religious nuts to get their children into schools that will teach them about Jesus instead of science.

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    She is a women who crawled up out of her assigned box, and swings for the other side. Libs. have to destroy any and all that do that. If too many escape, figure out the truth, the left will lose their voting base, their power.

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    4 years ago

    she's out of touch and hates public school, we don't blanket entire genders and ethnicities like you

  • -j.
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    Because she is apparently an idiot who shouldn't be trusted to run an after-school play, let alone the nation's entire educational system.

    Heard any big outcry about Linda McMahon? I haven't, because at least she's got some legit experience.

    She's also a Trump appointee and a woman, so obviously your theory is crap.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Or, why didn't trump speak at the women's march?

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